How to Treat Bug Bites

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Bugs come in various shapes and sizes, and while most feed on animals, a large number will be just as happy to bite humans when they are around.

Symptoms of bug bites

It has been noticed that some people do not experience reaction from bug bites, but there is a large population that experiences uncomfortable symptoms. Bug bites don’t always appear on the skin immediately after a bite. In some cases the bites may take a few days before one or more of the following symptoms may appear:

  • A red, swollen area of the skin with deep red marks in the center of it
  • Swollen red marks grouped together in a particular area
  • Bites can also form into blisters in some cases

Generally, bug bites can happen anywhere on the body. However, the bites commonly occur in areas that are left exposed granting the bugs easy access to your skin.

As said, bug bites can be very itchy coupled with a burning sensation for several days after the bite. Owing to the annoyance caused by a bug bite, it is important to treat them at the earliest.

You can use an anti-itch cream to keep yourself from ripping your skin. Additionally, a dose of antihistamine with antiseptic cream/lotion can be helpful if the bites become infectious.

Treating bug bites naturally

Bug bites can be treated many different ways, either naturally or with medicines.

Next time you experience a bug bite, don’t just go rushing to your nearest drugstore; instead try one of the following natural products to decrease itching and relieving yourself from bug bites.

Apply essential oils

According to various alternative medicine experts – coconut oil, lavender and tea tree oil, all have properties to remove itching and swelling caused by bed bug bites. Tea tree oil is also said to have anti-bacterial properties, which can prevent infection and intense itching.


Some people recommend applying honey on the affected areas after bug bites to relieve itching.


Some toothpastes contain mint and menthol, which can provide both a cooling sensation and relief from itch to the skin. The coolness can subside the burning sensation and intense itching and can help treat the bites.

sting-relief-medicated-padUse a Sting Relief Pad

Finally, some people just like the convenience of using a sting relief pad for quick and easy results. These pads typically contain a mild topical anesthetic (such as benzocaine) which relieves the irritation from the bug bite, and alcohol to prevent infection of the affected area. Quick, safe, and effective, we recommend carrying a couple of these if you are heading to the outdoors or are prone to bug bites.